Time Management tips for NEET


We all know time management is the key to success! The sooner we understand that the better we get. Cracking a test like NEET does not solely depend on your knowledge but also your time management ability. The trick here is to work smarter rather than work harder. The key to working smart is prioritization, I.e deciding the relative importance or urgency of tasks at hand.

In an exam like NEET, time management is not merely answering more questions in the exam, but answering more questions accurately.

Some useful tips for time management are:

  1. Read questions carefully:

Always read your question thoroughly and understand what you are supposed to find out. Try reading the question twice or thrice before answering it as this will lead you to recall the information you know about the topic.

  1. Choose the order of sections to be attempted:

Always start with a section you are the most confident about. Generally in NEET, it is suggested to start with the biology section, then go for chemistry and then physics, but it’s upto to you to choose the order according to your skills.

  1. Answer the familiar questions first:

One should remember that any question paper consists of only two types of questions – questions familiar to you and questions unfamiliar to you. You can maximize your score on answering more questions your confident about.

  1. Time each section:

Pre plan the usage of your exam time by keeping a certain time limit for each section so this way you are able to read all questions and answer the most you know

  1. Do not waste time on difficult questions:

There might be questions you are not able to answer immediately, so instead of waistline more time on them move the next question and come back to it once you are done answering the rest.

  1. Eliminate options:

Remember, you do not have to find the final answer all by your self, your task is to find the correct answer among the given options. So start by eliminating options which will lead you to the right answer even before actually finding it

  1. Use the Tick-Circle-Cross method:

This technique really helps you if you practice well before the exams. As there are so many questions, many of us lose time in scanning through the paper.Instead, when you start with one subject, ensure that you use the Tick-Circle-Cross method to mark your questions.Tick when you have answered it; Circle when you would like to answer it, but it needs time; Cross if you do not know the concept or if the question is unfamiliar to you.

  1. Keep calm:

Have confidence on yourself and do not panic when you are not able to answer a few questions.

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