7 ways to overcome stress during exams

Stress comes in all forms and is an unavoidable consequence of life. A mild degree of anxiety and stress may be stimulating and motivating, but too much stress may be disrupting. Right approach and right coping strategies may help you overcome anxiety and maximize your performance in the examination.

Here are some tips that will help you beat stress during exams

1.Organizing and arranging yourself

It is very common to go messy during and before your exam. Plan a little, arrange your study materials, study timings and appointments. At the beginning of the day, arrange your books and copies along with schedule of the day in order to spend it effectively before exam.

2.Don’t compromise on sleep

Spare those 7-8 hours to get adequate sleep and be at your best for the rest of the 16 hours.  When we skip sleep we tend to be slow throughout the day and have very low concentration levels. Stress also automatically increases with paucity of sleep.


3.Healthy food and drink

As you have to make complete use of all available hours in hand before exam, you have no scope to fall sick. Sickness is the last and final excuse that can demotivate your exam preparation. So along with studying for exams, your next lookout should be to remain healthy during the course of time. To remain healthy, try eating good, sleeping ample and also doing some exercise. These will together ensure that you maintain a good health before the exams and remain your best during the course of it.


4.Small and constructive breaks

Spending 24X7 with books and copies is not the secret to a good result. The secret is, to spend ample possible time ensuring you learn new things without stressing ourselves too much. Split the extra time beyond study hours, into small breaks where you do something that you like. A healthy doing during break time will help you to study again more efficiently. So, studies and break before exam is a cyclical process that should be utilized to the fullest.


5.Keep boredom away

If one subject is getting on to your nerves or starting to bore you, take cue from the early symptoms. Take a break from that subject and take up something else. When you feel better, go back to the initial subject with renewed energies.


6.Focus on your present doings

Many times, right before exam we sit with our books but keep thinking about what we will do after the exam or in some unnecessary thoughts. Before and also during the exam, simply focus on what you are doing presently and extend your concern up to your exam. Once the exams get over you can always map and plan the rest you want to.


7.Remain positive

Some stress is natural while most is self-created because you might want to beat yourself up about things that are not going right, instead be nice to yourself and keep reminding yourself of things about yourself that you are proud of. This will keep you in a good mood and help you learn more.

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