8 Reasons Why You Should Start Early For JEE Preparations

If you’re someone who has decided to appear for the IIT JEE examinations and walk down that career path, landed on just the right article to start early for JEE preparations. While there are many, who for so long, can’t really seem to find the right direction to head towards in terms of their careers – unless and until the time runs out on the ‘pick your stream’ clock. They pick out the PCM stream and begin the whole process of settling into the IIT JEE preparations mode – for mind you, after 10th standard, this kind of studious success isn’t an easy transition.

On the other hand, we have students who are pretty clear about their career aspirations and accordingly, with the necessary guidance from their parents, get absorbed and start early for JEE preparations. I have personally come across students who’ve enrolled into IIT JEE coaching from 6th standard itself! While I do agree, that might not be the right age to start early for JEE preparations, especially since around that age one barely even knows what kind of hobbies they have, forget about deciding on the career path of engineering, architecture, etc.

But yes, the one age that is pretty good to start focusing on your IIT JEE preparations and smoothly transition into a heavy study routine as you enter 11th standard is when subjects like physics, chemistry are actually introduced in your curriculum as independently graded subjects. Here are the 8 reasons why you should start early for JEE preparations:

1)    You have already been introduced to a sense of Physics, Chemistry and Biology from the whole PCM trio and you be a better judge of your interests, without any real pressure of pursuing them in life.

2)    You have now stepped into the whole world of trigonometry and other difficult parts of mathematics that you will be required to master to a real solid level. This is the perfect time to solidify all your concepts in order to keep a clean space of understanding the subject in-depth.

3)    It is easier to transition into a heavy study routine over a span of four years.

4)    You can try and understand your strong and weak points right at the very beginning and seek guidance accordingly.

5)    If you start early, you can strategize well and shape a great learning curve that helps you achieve good marks in future. You will be able to understand the amount of time it takes for you to cover certain portions of a subject and accordingly chalk your time management strategies.

6)    With the competition being so tough, it’ll be good to have an upper hand with your early commencement of IIT JEE preparations.  That way, you’ll already have some good tips and tricks up your sleeves and will be already comfortable with their implementations.

7)    You might feel a lot less under the pressure at a later point. By the time you’ll be in 12th standard, you would already know your subjects in and out.

8)    You’d be so used to handling the difficulty of these examinations and would be able to perform a lot better on your boards simultaneously.

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