How video-based IIT JEE preparation helps students today?

So how does video-based IIT JEE preparation helps students today? Let me begin with a seemingly unrelated point – While we have an example of Saudi Arabia being advanced to the point where it has granted legal citizenship to a robot named Sophia, who also took the liberty of taking a jab at none other than Elon Musk during Saudi Arabia’s Future Investment Initiative- technology is definitely here too. In today’s world, it is absolutely imperative to know the technological basics in order to survive.

Nowadays, there is so much study material available to a student, in various forms, such as books, articles, videos, etc. Some of this is free of cost, while they just have to pay a small fee to be able to access the rest. A student can study any subject at great lengths all by themselves, or they can have tutors guiding them online or offline for video-based IIT JEE preparation.

Similarly, an aspirant can really enhance the quality of their video-based IIT JEE preparation by leveraging the technology for their benefit. They can either join a coaching institute that provides them with relevant study material such as books, guides, mock tests, etc. or they can even make use of the World Wide Web and enrol into online courses.

While many parents must worry whether it would be beneficial to allow their kid to prepare over the internet, considering the kind of distractions it comprises, that can really hamper their child’s preparations and get him/her to waste time over such unnecessary disturbances. The truth is, as much as there’s a risk of the student getting distracted easily, with the right kind of direction and monitoring, they can actually learn much better online, as opposed to a classroom of 30 plus students, where they barely get any personal attention they require and have to match with the learning pace of the other students.

Let’s explore the key plus points of studying on your gadgets – how video-based IIT JEE preparation help students today:

1)    More Comprehensive:

Topic-based videos are much more comprehensive than having to read out a paragraph and understanding it simultaneously. The information is packed together in such a way, that the student can understand the topic with absolute ease.

2)    Greater Retention:

The videos contain audio along with imagery that helps an IIT JEE aspirant use two of their receptors simultaneously, making the content much more effective than books and easier to retain. They can relate a topic with the kind of images that stick in their mind, and thus, instantly recollect the learning at a faster and effective rate. This method of learning through films and imagery has been scientifically proven to be more efficient for understanding just about anything.

3)    Time Saver:

The amount of information that can be covered in a five-minute video is much more than the amount of information that can be covered by reading from a book in five minutes. Consequently, the IIT JEE student will have more time to spare for their revision of the very same topic or maybe even study it in depth, gaining a better overall understanding.

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