Best Book on Optics for JEE Preparation

Optics for JEE is the branch of physics syllabus that deals with the behaviour, interactions and exhibiting properties of the various spectrums of light – visible, ultraviolet, and infrared – with the matter. It also includes the building and construction of instruments that are required to detect light or simply use it. The world we live in today wouldn’t be the same without the application of optics. Fields such as medicine, communication, astronomy, entertainment, and even culture have been revolutionized by the tremendous use of light.

It is for this very reason, the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) of India gives Ray Optics Optics for JEE a lot of weight, only second to Current Electricity. Hence, it is important that you prepare hard and well to ensure the highest possible score in this section of the exam. Our experts at Learnpedia have gone through a lot of books and shortlisted some of the best books on optics for JEE preparation, that are sure to give you an edge in the upcoming exams, irrespective of your skill level.

IIT JEE Physics: ‘Mechanics, Waves and Optics, Volume 1’ (Topic-wise Complete Solutions) by Prof. H C Verma

Physics is best understood by building concepts and fundamentals from the ground up. This book is an excellent choice if you want to perfect your knowledge of the concepts and build a solid foundation on the subject. It comes with an array of example problems that are presented in a sequence of increasing complexity, allowing you to comprehend a concept with ease.

Topics in this book are gradually introduced in a step by step manner. Hence, if you want to strengthen your concepts, you must not skip a topic before proceeding further or you may not be able to understand what comes ahead.

This book will most certainly prove to be fruitful in the long run and if you’re dedicated enough, it wouldn’t take more than a month or two for you to complete the entire book.

Understanding Physics for JEE Main & Advanced: ‘Optics and Modern Physics’ by D C Pandey

This book is part of the well-known Arihant series for physics. It isn’t the ideal choice for clarification of concepts. However, if you’re short on time and would like to prioritize getting a good rank in the JEE, then this book is a perfect choice, assuming that you know the basics of course. It focuses mainly on the problem-solving techniques, tricks, and formulae.

This book is essentially a collection of different types of problems and illustrations for you to solve and understand that will enhance your speed and become efficient in solving problems – both multiple and subjective. The only downside to this book is that it is very vast and might take a substantial amount of your time and effort to complete.

At Learnpedia, the vast sums of knowledge from the best books on optics for JEE preparation have been summarized in a simple and exciting manner, using visual explanations in the form of videos. These intuitive videos can help you grasp even the most complex of concepts and help you solve problems at a much faster pace that is needed for entrance exams.

We wish you the very best and hope that these books, along with the informative videos provided by Learnpedia give you a head start on your journey to crack the JEE.

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