Top 10 best books for IIT JEE to help you prepare comprehensively

Hailing from a country that produces the maximum number of engineers each year, it goes without doubt that opting for engineering in India is all things scary – the extreme competition, millions of study material and books for IIT JEE, the stringent examinations, the large number of engineering colleges and equally lesser number of “good” engineering colleges that provide a prestigious degree and a secure campus placement.

Thus, the number of coaching centres that tutor for IIT JEE is huge, and the amount of study material and books for IIT JEE that is recommended for these kinds of preparations is excruciatingly confusing.

Keep Your Prep Top-Notch

If the study material and books for IIT JEE that you refer to, aren’t up to the mark, it can really impact a lot of key factors that are in general pretty crucial for your preparations. For starters, if that book on thermodynamics is painfully lengthy, and keeps going around and explaining the same topic repeatedly, it fails to hold your interest for long. The wrong study material and books can further confuse you and misguide you conceptually. They can make you pay more attention to the irrelevant portions of a chapter, while barely giving any details on the portions that carry maximum weight.

Making The Right Choice

There are some books that go on and present to you concepts with such intricate details, along with questions that exceed the level of IIT JEE in terms of difficulty. If you are someone not looking to study in such depths, especially in the interests of time – then you should steer clear of such books. They would end up confusing you further, take up a lot of your precious time or worst, demotivate you every time you are unable to solve its high difficulty questions.

Prescribed as the official CBSE textbook, NCERT is one of the most trusted books as far as the curriculum is concerned. There are no such topics that will be asked in the IIT JEE exams that would fall from out of these books. It is good for all three- physics, chemistry and mathematics and must be revised at least thrice before the exams.

Thus, opt to study from the following top 1o books for IIT JEE that can improve your study curve drastically- while at the same time giving you the best of material to study the topics from:


  • NCERT Textbook
  • C. Verma
  • Objective Questions of Physics by D.C. Pandey (Arihant Publications)
  • Feynman Lectures of Physics


  • NCERT Textbooks
  • Inorganic Chemistry by O.P. Tandon
  • Morrison Organic Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry by M.S Chauhan
  • Organic Chemistry by O.P. Tandon


  • NCERT Textbook
  • D. Sharma
  • Complete Mathematics for JEE Mains (Tata McGraw Hill)
  • Algebra by Arihant Publications
  • Differential Calculus by Arihant Publications
  • Integral Calculus by Arihant Publications
  • New Pattern Mathematics for JEE Mains/Advance (Arihant Publications)
  • L. Loney

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